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June 12, 2009 at 2:59 pm Leave a comment

New month, new determination.

There’s something about the calendar reading “1st” that makes me want to get re-determined with my diet and fitness goals. I’m still at 152 lbs., due to my own inability to stick to the nutritional requirements (low carb) and exercise frequency (1 hr 5x/wk) that I KNOW works for me. So, this month will be about dedicating myself to that.

I plan to get up each morning before work and get a half-hour of cardio in. Then in the evenings I can concentrate on strength training. I know breaking it up like that is not optimal for calorie burning and weight loss (strength training should immediately follow cardio to get the most out of it), but it’s what will work better for me schedule-wise. I’ve got to lose this “all or nothing” attitude that I seem to have – even if I can’t do what is optimal, doing the next-best thing is FAR better than doing nothing at all, or half-assing it. So, Monday through Friday cardio in the mornings, Monday through Thursday weight training in the evenings (though since Monday is my work from home day, I’ll probably do both in succession), and try to do something fun and active on the weekends to break the routine and keep me from getting bored.

Food-wise, I’ve been trying to get back to recording my intake at SparkPeople again. I’m data driven and I WANT to record everything every day, but if I can just be consistent about doing it Monday through Friday, I’ll accept that. Really, though, I should track it more on the weekends, since that’s when I tend to fall off the bandwagon and stuff my pie-hole. Ih, I’ll make an earnest effort and not beat myself up if I don’t track every little thing.

I’m going to try to keep my carb intake (i.e. some sort of fiber-filled cereal) in the morning and concentrate more on protein for noon and night, and not eat anything after 7:00 p.m. so I don’t go to bed on a full stomach. I’m also going to try to avoid wheat, since I think a sensitivity to that is part of what is stalling my weight loss. Limiting rice and pasta isn’t a problem, since I don’t gravitate toward either of them. Potatoes, though, are a particular favorite. I’m going to try to limit them to 1x/week. More salads and veggies, more fish. Less cheese, though the mere thought of it makes me want to cry. My 8 cups of water a day hasn’t been hard to meet, since it’s so flipping hot here. So, there’s that, anyway.

I re-stocked on vitamins and have been trying to remember to take them – even though they’re RIGHT THERE on the bathroom counter, all divvied up in their little vitamin caddy, I still manage to forget. I’ve also added Align to my daily regimen (probiotic), and ordered a bottle of Lipofuze to give my metabolism and energy a boost. Yes, I know, I KNOW, diet pills are from the devil. But I had a good run when I took Xenadrine for a while, oh, years ago now, so I’m going to just try a month of a metabolism booster to, well, give me a boost.

Finally, I just placed a big old order with Avon for some facial skin care products. I need to prioritize my skin, it’s the only one I’ve got and it’s looking decidedly old lately. Out with the cheap grocery store brands, in with the expensive emollients, I guess. The last time I bit the bullet and ordered from Avon I saw excellent results, then the cheapskate in me went back to the grocery store brands. It sure was painful to click that “order” button, though.

Okay. I started this entry in part to give me time to digest my breakfast before working out. Can’t put it off any longer!

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A good message

I love it when SparkPeople generates this message in my exercise tracking area:

*You’ve gone over your weekly calories burned goal by a significant amount. Your calories eaten goal will not adjust automatically. If you have increased the amount of exercise you are doing, you should update your fitness settings here to make sure you are consuming enough calories to support the additional activity.

This week: 292 minutes of exercise, during which I burned 2419 total calories. Combine that with staying within my calorie range (for the most part), and I’ve been making good behavioral progress! I’ve prioritized exercise in my daily schedule, and I’m making good food choices.

Don’t mind me, just having a “Go, me!” moment.

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Can you say, “Oof”?

So, it has become painfully apparent to me that I have to actually OBSESS about exercise in order to meet my fitness goals. With that in mind, I’ve decided to dust off the old Polar heart rate monitor and try to bust more of my ass than I have been lately.

On a whim, I Googled the term, “1000 calorie workout” and was directed to this article (there are two pages). In ninety minutes, combining cardio and weight training, You Too can burn up to 1000 calories!

I’m going to give it a shot (substituting the elliptical for the treadmill – I know for a fact that I can burn 500 calories in 50 minutes, so I’ll adjust accordingly). Looks like it could very well kick ANYONE’S ass, doesn’t it?

(I transferred the info from the article to an Excel spreadsheet, so if anyone would like me to e-mail them a copy to print and use, just let me know!)

(p.s. #2 – When I actually DO this, I’ll wear the heart rate monitor and let you know how many caloriers I ACTUALLY burned.)

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An excellent breakfast.

Breakfast Smoothie:

(1) 4 oz. container of Yoplus Yogurt
(1) serving (two scoops) of Aria Women’s Protein powder
(1) serving (two TBSP) of Golden Roasted Flaxseeds with Blueberries (similar to this – I get mine at Trader Joe’s)
3/4 cup of 2% milk
1/3 cup frozen mixed berries, thawed
3-4 ice cubes, or 1/2 cup crushed ice

Throw it all in a blender and blend until smooth, dump it in a cup, stick a straw in it, and you’re done!

Each serving, when prepared with the ingredients listed above, is:
– 395 calories
– 44g carbs
– 12g fat
– 26g protein
– 50mg cholesterol
– 9g dietary fiber
– 67mg calcium
– 260mg sodium
– 215mg potassium

The protein powder is also an excellent source of Folic Acid, the Yoplus yogurt is a good source of probiotics, and the flaxseed powder is an excellent source of Omega 3’s.

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In case anyone is interested…

I’ve got another contributed article up over at Bodies in Motivation, if y’all are interested.

February 23, 2009 at 4:12 pm Leave a comment

Like sugar and spice.

I feel good!

Oh, how sad it is that, 1) I thought that thought out loud while sitting here at my desk; and b) I was surprised by the fact that I actually feel good. But yes, here I sit, and I’m doing a bit of a self-evaluation. Taking stock in my body’s messages to me. Nothing hurts. I’m not particularly stressed about anything. I have energy.

This is big, people.

I went for a bike ride last night, while Calvin spent some time working on a new exhaust for the truck (and it sounds all tough and growly, now). I only rode for twenty minutes – up and around a nearby park (which has doubled in size since the last time I was there, let’s hear it for neighborhood improvement!) and back. I kept up a good pace and it just felt good to use my muscles and have them in proper working order. It felt so good (dun dun! so good, dun dun!) that when I got home I stretched, and then did some weight training. And today? I FEEL GOOD. I’m walking without a limp, FINALLY, can take the stairs with no problem, and no longer have that nagging ache in the backs of my knees or in my left foot.

I’m supposed to continue to take it easy on that stress fracture until at least the beginning of March, but biking does not put the same pressure on it that walking and/or running do. While I’m not up for any races or heavy-duty mountain trails, a half-hour or so biking at a good clip will do me no harm.

My goodness, I DO have that James Brown song stuck in my head, don’t I?

Anyway, you may have noticed that Calvin and I are kind of on a health kick lately. I’ve always tried to maintain healthy habits, with varying degrees of success. Calvin kind of got yelled at by his doctor recently, so now he’s putting a more earnest effort into his own health, too.

Here’s something I’m particularly proud of – Calvin has been EATING BROCCOLI AND CAULIFLOWER. AND HE LIKES IT. If you don’t know Calvin in real life, you might not understand just how HUGE this is. This is a man who does NOT eat vegetables. For YEARS I’ve been feeding him round after round of canned corn, lettuce salad, the occasional green beans, raw carrots and celery, and asparagus. That last one I introduced him to despite his protests, oh, years ago now, and he was shocked to realized that he liked it. So I’m not sure why it took him so long to be confident enough in my veggie-prep skills to try others. I mean, if you like asparagus, you’ll probably like a bunch of other veggies, right? Oh, well, I don’t give Calvin enough credit. I also exposed him to the wonder that is wilted spinach in garlic and olive oil, and he loves that stuff, too.

I blame his veggie phobia on his childhood exposure to canned asparagus and boiled brussels sprouts. Shudder. Because of that trauma, it is important to introduce Calvin to vegetables sloooowwwwly. It’s important that he gain confidence in the fact that I know how to prepare vegetables so that they, GASP, taste good. I’m just tickled that I won’t be the only one eating veggies in the house, now. My next goal is to somehow get him to stop dousing everything in gallons of ranch dressing.

We’ve also been eating more fish, more fruit, and are trying to manage portion control and alcohol intake. I also dug through our Big Box ‘O Vitamins And Supplements, and divvied up daily baggies for each of us to take every morning (HELLO HORSE PILLS OF DOOM). I, of course, have struggled for years to gain momentum and establish healthy habits to manage my health, my weight, my nutrition, and my exercise. It’s so much easier, and even kind of fun, now that Calvin is on board, too.

So, yeah. I feel good.

(Cross-posted at Snerkology.)

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